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Bungoma-Based KDF Soldier, Dr. Amin Among Dozens Awarded by International Body



Nov 30, 2021

A Bungoma-based Kenyan military officer and reknown physician are among the dozens of individuals who were feted by an international body.

The prestigious gala, which took place at Siri Tamu Resort in Bungoma town, saw Corporal Edwin Wekoba scoop the Youth Add Value Recognition Award presented by the UN Envoy Dr. Reuben West.

The Monday 29th November, 2021 event aimed at recognizing individuals who have played pivotal role to bring a change in the society.

For Instance, Corporal Wekoba was feted for his role in impacting postive change in the young generation through his charity leadership foundation.

Survived a bomb attack while defending Kenya against the al Shabaab militants in Somalia in 2018, many doubted the former football goalkeeper’s chances of survival as the bomb blew up all his feet from the knees downwards.

Wekoba had to spend three months in the ICU but when he came back with all his legs amputated below the knees, the military officer chose to start a leadership programme that encourages young Keyans to embrace a postive change in life through holding football tournaments.

“This is a very special award to me and I thank God, my bosses in the army for the support and the media for highlighting my story. iChange Nations are doing a great job,” said the Presidential Silver Award recepient, in an interview with WakajuanessLive.Com

On his side, Dr. Amin Sheikh Ali of Elgon View Cottage Hospital in Bungoma was recognised with the Community Ambassador award for his exemplary efforts in providing quality healthcare to the community.

His counterpart Dr. Isaac Omeri of Khalaba Hospital, was not left behind as he was awarded the Regional MOH Award.

Business tycoons Kenneth Munene popularly known as M-Big and Salama Bakery Director Jamal “Muli” Hamed were also feted with Community Ambassador and Messenger of Hope awards respectivey.

Salama Bakery Director Jamal Hamed Mohammed (centre) displays his Messenger of Hope Award during the gala. PHOTO/COURTESY

Salama Bakery Director Jamal “Muli” Hamed (centre) displays his Messenger of Hope Award during the gala. On the right is iChange Nations Special Envoy Dr. Ruben West, Dr. Maria Nato and Dr. Juma Nasion on the left. PHOTO/COURTESY

Others on the list were former Bumula MP Wakoli Bifwoli and former Royal Media journalist Bonny Wayne Nyongesa.

This was the first time I Change Nations were devolving their awards in Kenya, acknowledging individuals at County level.

Others expected on the list include the Miss Tourism Bungoma crown girl Joyce Nasambu who is running the #DisIsNotInability initiative that aims at achieving quality education for children living with disabilities and Blogger Simiyu Wakajuaness who runs an online campaign dubbed #NoQuitting initiative that urges people not to commit suicide and instead, open up to close friends whenever they feel that something is depressing them down..

Below is the list and their corresponding awards.

  1. Dr. Amin Ali Sheikh – Community Ambassador Award
  2. Mr. Augustine Nyongesa Watamba – Regional MOH Award
  3. Mr. Chrisantus Wamalwa Regional Statesman
  4. Ms. Emily Machuma Walumbe – Regional MOH Award
  5. Mr. Erick Ajuku Oleket – Community Ambassador
  6. Ms. Evelyn Wekesa – Civility Imprint Award
  7. Dr. Isaac Omeri – Regional MOH Award
  8. Ms. Janepher Chemtai Mbatiany – Community ambassador
  9. Ms. Jessica Simiyu – Distinguished Leadership
  10. Justice Isaac Wambilianga – Regional Statesman
  11. Mr. Kenneth Munene – Community Ambassador
  12. Mr. Maurice Makhanu – Civility Award
  13. Mr. Patel Dakhshesh Kumar – Regional Statesmen
  14. Mr.Patrick Nabiswa Koyi Distinguished Leadership
  15. Mr. Priver Wekesa Toywa – Distinguished Leadership
  16. Mr. Richard Jesome Wasike – Regional Statesmen
  17. Ms. Ruth Nanyama Barasa – Community Ambassador
  18. Ms. Ruth P. Awino Atwa – Thrive
  19. Mama Sahra Hirsi Ali – Regional MOH Award
  20. Mr. Samuel Mambonga Wafula – Community Ambassador
  21. Hon. Wakoli Bifwoli – Regional Statesman/Distinguished
  22. Bishop James Wasike Murunga – Christian Leadership Award
  23. Mr. Jamal Hamed Mohammed – Messenger of Hope
  24. Rev. Herman Kasili – Distinguished Leadership Award
  25. Mr. Boniface Wayne Nyongesa- Civility Imprint Award
  26. Colonel Tom Wanambisi – Regional Statesman
  27. Mr.Chris Makokha Murai Messenger of Hope
  28. Corporal Edwine Wekoba – Youth Add Value Recognition Award

The awards were given in recognition of their commitment and dedication to impacting lives in the community.

iChange Nations recognises individuals and organisations throughout the world who have exemplified extraordinary humanitarian efforts that effectively change nations.
Dr. Ruben West was appointed Special Envoy for iChange Nations™ in 2019 by the organization’s President and founder Dr. Clyde Rivers.

Dr. West carries out his global mandate by identifying deserving individuals and submitting them to the organization for award consideration.



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