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Why Governor Lusaka Should be Careful on who to Appoint to his Youth Departments



Aug 22, 2022

As 45 Governors across the country are set to be sworn in this week, focus has shifted to who and who they are poised to appoint in various positions.

Most of the incoming governors will be keen on appointing those who were loyal to them and supported their campaigns without getting tired.

In Bungoma County, for example, former Governor Kenneth Makelo Lusaka made a come back to the County House after defeating Wycliffe Wangamati in what has been termed a “sweet revenge” by many political analysts.

Five years of his tenure, Governor Wangamati fell out with the youthful generation after failing to tap into their potential, something that has cost him what could have been an otherwise smooth re-election.

Part of his mistakes was appointing people who never knew anything to do with the youths to handle youth affairs.

Like the department of Youth and Sports was rested in the hands of Ms Everlyne Kakai, who, by the time of her exit as the CECM in charge, had done very little to feed the keyboard for any publication.

Wangamati also appointed a one serial election loser, Ms Nancy Kibaba to be his Advisor in charge of the Youth. Up to now, no one knows or can relate to anything she achieved in that office.

These are some of the blatant blunders that Lusaka should learn from and avoid, if he were to deliver.

The youth department is a very crucial discipline in any government or organisation. It requires a youthful person who rhymes well with fellow youth and deeply understands what they need and how it can be done. Someone social, charismatic and good at mobilisation.

It requires someone who can lay down good policies and push for their implementation to empower the youth and not just buying them alcohol nor hiring them to cause chaos at funerals.

A perfect example for the above hyphens is a one Deogracious Deo Daudi, who has tirelessly campaigned for Lusaka for nearly 5 years.

Deo, the online influencer, who is a research assistant with One Acre Fund farming organisation, has remained loyal to Mr. Lusaka.

Deo appeals to the youth. His posts and strategies that mobilised the youthful generation to the Lusaka camp have left all political camps admiring his services.

Together with Mr. Lusaka, the duo can lay ground to change the lifestyle of our young men and women.

Having been a big critic of the Wangamati government, Deo will undoubtedly streamline this department and use his networks to seek national and international support to install youth programmes in Bungoma County.

With his vast experience in running youth programmes like Drug and Substance abuse, talent management and sports across the country, there’s no doubt that Deo is up to the task.

In the Sports department, both County Executive Committee Member and the two Chief Officers in charge should be individual with a track record in youth affairs.

In sports, for example, Mr. Lusaka, who is an ardent lover of football himself, should appoint someone who knows the pain and anguish our sportsmen and women have experienced under the outgoing regime. A person who knows how teams suffer to honour Premier League matches and understands how football, rugby, volley, athletics and all other sports units are run.

Some of those qualified in this department include the Bungoma County FKF Branch Secretary Mr. Caleb Amwayi, Nzoia Sugar FC consulting coach and teacher, David Kalamu and any of the owners of local football clubs representing the county in the FKF Premier League.

This will be a good reflection of Cameroon where their Football Association boss is a former international player and award winning Samuel Etoo whose leadership has rejuvenated football and inspired other sports in that country.

Lusaka’s appointments should therefore not to handpick individuals who will rely on County resources to run the show but also sharp people who can appeal to donors and boost these youth programmes be it in cyberspace, agribusiness or talent.



Wakajuaness is a renowned Kenyan Blogger known for his credibility, accuracy and well-researched investigative pieces that have earned him massive online command.