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Colourful Photos as Lusaka Presides over his First Mashujaa Day Fète in Bungoma



Oct 20, 2022

There was pomp and colour in Bungoma County when Governor Kenneth Makelo Lusaka led thousands of residents in marking the Mashujaa Day celebrations.

Groomed in a black cotton suite, Mr. Lusaka assumed the responsibilities of the day when he touched Poster Grounds in Bungoma town where hundreds of scouts, County reinforcement officers, police officers and members of the Salvation Army church band had staged a guard of honour.

In a rear occasion that’s normally witnessed on national televisions, residents of Bungoma could not afford to lose this pompous moment that was freely accessible at their disposal.

With the sunshine tempting the skies to put on a gleaming smile over the multitude, Lusaka inspected the guard of honour before allowing speeches to take over.

While addressing the residents, Mr. Lusaka urged the people of Bungoma to keep supporting his new ideas that are aimed at propelling the county to higher levels.

“My plea is that I can’t deliver all these expectations alone without your support,” said he.

Lusaka added that his administration is committed to completing all the development projects left by his predecessor, Wycliffe Wangamati who lost the recently concluded election to Mr. Lusaka.

Among the roads he vowed to complete were the Dual Carriageway from Musikoma to Kanduyi in Kanduyi Constituency, the Misikhu-Brigadier road in Tongaren as well as the Pamus-Ndengelwa road which is in progress.

Below is a gallery of photos during the celebration as captured by his media team.



Wamboi Nyambura is a security expert and an ardent investigative journalist on matters human interest. A crime editor at WakajuanessLive.Com.