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The Mash Photography that has Spiced up Unforgettable Memories in Families, Corporate Events



May 10, 2023

Lately, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as well as WhatsApp, have been awash with amazing photographs of families and event attendants from across the country.

When you see such memories captured in image and video form, then chances are that they have been done by Mash Photography.

We caught up with the Director of this popular media company, Mr. Jackson Muloma Adika.

Nyambura: Tell us more about yourself and Mash Photography?

Jack: I am a talented proffesional journalist based in Bungoma town. Mash photography is a media house that generally deals with photography, videography and all other event coverage.

Nyambura: How did you start Mash Photography and make it attain such heights?

Jack: I started Mash photography some years back to solve the need of clients who want such services. Passion is what drives me in this field.

Nyambura: Where is Mash Photography located in Bungoma town?

Jack: We are located at Kenya Power building in Bungoma town behind Coffee Garden Hotel, 1st floor room number 105.

Nyambura: What are your target clients?

Jack: Generally, I target all sort of clients, all over the country and the world. We travel world wide.

Nyambura: How affordable are your services in this competitive field?

Jack: All our services are affordable. We don’t choose which client to work with and the services are negotiable.

Nyambura: What makes Mash Photography stand out despite the stiff competition?

Jack: Mash photography has talented, passionate, proffesional and creative photographers who capture unique shots from unique angles. We work proffesionally and with the vision of our clients at heart. We also have the best quality cameras at our stores.

Nyambura: What are some of the biggest entities that you have worked with?

Jack: We have work with different companies including B.A.T Kenya, IC Kenya, Lifecare Hospital, Tuutis Hotel, Siritamu, Darel, Jadelica, Davis & Shirtlift, EAMDA and Syngenta. We have also worked wuth Counties including Bungoma, Busia, Marakwet, as well as Nairobi.

Nyambura: Is it true that photographers are womanisers?

Jack: No! That’s a myth. Photographers are best people in the society and respect all genders equally. What make people make that assumption is because in our field, the big percentage of our clients are women.

Nyambura: Are you married?

Jack: It’s complicated [laughs].

Nyambura: Your message to fellow youth out there?

Jack: My message to the youth is that they should do what they love with all their energy. You must work for something before you earn it. Never start anything because you have seen people doing. Always have a plan. Never compete with anyone; everyone has his or her pace in this life and lastly, always work smarter, pray and have faith that everything is possible.

Here are some of their captions.

Mash Photography CEO Jack Adika. PHOTO/MASH PHOTOGRAPHY
Mash Photography CEO Jack Adika. PHOTO/MASH PHOTOGRAPHY

One of the drones operated by Mash Photography.

Singer Nekesa Khalayi does a photoshoot at Mash Photography. PHOTO/MASH PHOTOGRAPHY
Their caption of ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo and Bungoma Governor Kenneth Makelo Lusaka. PHOTO/MASH PHOTOGRAPHY



Wamboi Nyambura is a security expert and an ardent investigative journalist on matters human interest. A crime editor at WakajuanessLive.Com.