A lorry impounded at the Kenya-Uganda border after being flagged down by the clearance officers. PHOTO/COURTESY

A lorry suspected to be ferrying firearms was on Tuesday impounded at Busia border after being flagged down by the clearance officials.

The lorry, whose registration number is KCG 151R, was flagged down by a Kenyan security personnel after the handlers of the vehicle failed to submit clearance documentations to the authorities.

According to sources privy to the drama, the lorry avoided the mandatory scanning to establish the cargo it was ferrying, prompting the clearance officer to impound it at the yeard.

In a tweet posted by an account believed to be run by Rarieda MP Otiende Omollo, the suspicious lorry had been escorted to the Kenyan border by Ugandan security personnel ready to be handed to a senior security boss in Kenya.

“Why would Ugandan Armed Forces escort this trailer, suspected to be ferrying arms, per a whistle blower, and hand it over to Kenyan GSU?” Questioned the Raila confidant.

“Why would they refuse scanning and processing? Why claim it was empty yet not? Is someone plotting bloodshed? Over to you NIS, DCI.”

According to the legislator, there was a red flag raised by a whistle blower about the possibility of the lorry ferrying arms that would be used to hurt peaceful protestors on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

In a video circulating on the internet and seen by this writer, a man who identified himself as “Ochieng’ Ondieke” and who introduces himself as a Clearance Officer at the border, narrates how the handlers of the lorry refused to have the lorry scanned and without any clearance documentations, raising eyebrows.

“We are demanding that this truck be scanned properly and relevant documents submitted before being cleared,” he said.

It’s however, not clear what the truck was ferrying as no official communication has been issued by the relevant organs by the time of publishing this article.



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