In a harrowing incident that unfolded on Tuesday evening, two attendants of an MPesa shop in Mandizini estate, Bungoma town, found themselves in a life-and-death struggle after unknown assailants raided their outlet, leaving them with serious gunshot wounds.

Eyewitnesses at the scene recounted a chilling tale of terror as the armed individuals stormed the shop, demanding money from the operators.

What initially appeared as a robbery took a brutal turn when one of the gunmen fired a shot, striking the female attendant in the leg. Her brother, who had rushed to her defense, was not spared as the assailant turned the bullet into his head.

The assailants then escaped, leaving behind a traumatized and wounded brother-sister duo.

Shockingly, witnesses have raised concerns over the delayed response of the Bungoma Police to the incident, claiming that it took nearly an hour for officers to arrive at the scene.

The injured siblings were promptly rushed to the Bungoma County Referral Hospital, where they are now engaged in a fierce battle for their lives.

David Odongo, the Bungoma Police Boss, has officially confirmed the raid, emphasizing that a comprehensive manhunt has been initiated to track down and apprehend the criminals responsible for this brazen act.

“In Mandizini estate, we witnessed a criminal raid where unidentified gunmen stormed an MPesa shop, injuring two attendants before making their escape. We have launched an intensive manhunt to bring these culprits to justice,” Mr. Odongo stated in a telephone interview with WakajuanessLive.Com.

Upon visiting the Bungoma Police Station, this writer observed Mr. Odongo’s team, which had assembled officers from various departments, poised for immediate deployment.

Additionally, several individuals were apprehended within the town vicinity, though not direct link to the raid has been established at this stage of the investigation.

The unfortunate incident has rattled Bungoma town, which had recently seen a decline in insecurity cases. However, Tuesday’s shocking raid threatens to engulf residents in a state of panic.

Local residents are now calling upon the police to redouble their efforts and enhance security measures, to restore a sense of safety and peace within the community.

As the investigation unfolds, the community awaits answers, justice, and a return to normalcy, hoping that those responsible for this callous act will soon be brought to justice.



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