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Malala, Wangamati Treated to Thunderous Reception in Mt. Elgon as UDA Momentum Intensifies



Sep 24, 2023

In a powerful display of grassroots support, UDA Secretary-General Cleophas Malala and former Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati were greeted with a resounding and enthusiastic welcome as they touched down in Mt. Elgon on Sunday, September 24, 2023, to attend a church fundraiser.

The event saw Mr. Malala and Wangamati responding to an invitation to participate in a church fundraiser hosted at the Salvation Army in Cheptais, Mt. Elgon.

Wangamati, who recently made the strategic move of joining President William Ruto’s UDA party, is actively promoting his gubernatorial bid for 2027 under the UDA banner following the constitutional exit of Governor Lusaka.

The sight that unfolded at the Salvation Army was a testament to the growing popularity of UDA in the region.

Residents and ardent supporters of both Malala and Wangamati welcomed them with thunderous chants, songs of praise and spirited dances, with many proudly adorned in the vibrant UDA party colors.

Accompanying the dynamic duo were prominent figures in the political landscape, including Webuye West MP Dan Wanyama, former Bumula MP Mwambu Mabonga and the host MP for the area, Fred Kapondi, former Bungoma County Woman Rep aspirant Nancy Kibaba, along with a gathering of local MCAs.

The electrifying reception reflects the mounting momentum of UDA in Mt. Elgon and the broader Bungoma County. It underscores the party’s growing appeal and resonance with the people of the region.

Mr. Malala and Wangamati did not just witness passive support; they actively engaged with the crowd, emphasizing their commitment to the UDA party’s principles and goals.

The event provided a platform for dialogue and engagement, allowing the leaders to connect with their supporters on a personal level.

UDA’s strategy of building strong grassroots support and attracting influential figures like Wangamati is part of a broader campaign to consolidate its presence across the country. The presence of high-profile leaders at the event further bolstered the party’s visibility and credibility.

As the 2027 elections draw nearer, the UDA party, under the leadership of President William Ruto, is positioning itself as a formidable political force, both nationally and in regional strongholds like Mt. Elgon.

The thunderous reception in Mt. Elgon serves as a vivid indicator of the party’s surging popularity and its potential impact in future electoral contests.

Here is a gallery from the event:



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