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Questions Raised over the Mysterious Death of Felix Tawai in Webuye East Constituency



Sep 25, 2023
The late Felix Tawai during a past function. PHOTO/FILE

New controversies have emerged in the wake of the tragic death of Mr. Felix Tawai, a resident of Webuye Constituency, whose passing remains shrouded in uncertainty.

Felix Tawai, who worked as the Field Officer for Maraka Ward in the Webuye East Constituency Office, met an untimely demise three days ago under circumstances that have raised numerous questions.

Sources close to the family are calling for an investigation into the matter including the call for a quick postmortem to be conducted, saying that he may have been the victim of foul play and poison.

As the community grapples with the perplexing circumstances of Tawai’s death, a crucial postmortem examination to determine the exact cause has yet to be conducted, leaving room for speculation and blame games.

A family source, who preferred to remain anonymous, expressed disbelief at the sudden loss of Felix Tawai, emphasizing that he had been in good health and had not suffered from any known illnesses or complications prior to his demise.

The grieving family is now urgently demanding a postmortem examination to uncover the truth and dispel any doubts regarding what led to the tragic passing of Tawai, who was once a close ally of the MP before their relationship soured.

In a condolence message posted on his social media handles, Hon. Wanyonyi described the late Tawai as “one of the individuals who believed in his dream of representing Webuye Constituency as an MP.”

He acknowledged Tawai’s unwavering support, which played a significant role in his political journey. However, the details surrounding the rift between the MP and his former staunch supporter remain unclear.

The death of Felix Tawai has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the Webuye East Constituency, leaving the community searching for answers and closure in the midst of this tragic loss.

As investigations unfold and the postmortem takes place, the circumstances surrounding his demise will hopefully become clearer, allowing his loved ones to find solace and the community to better understand this perplexing tragedy.



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