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Rift in Jumbo Charge Team as Bungoma Members Cry Foul of Marvin Wamalwa’s Legacy



Oct 6, 2023

Tensions are brewing within the Bungoma Jumbo Charge Community as disgruntled members voice their concerns over alleged exclusion from critical decisions within the organization.

This discord follows the untimely passing of the Jumbo Charge founder, Marvin Wamalwa, in April 2021.

Founded five years ago, the Jumbo Charge 039 was established with the noble aim of promoting environmental conservation, conducting annual events within the picturesque landscapes of Mt. Elgon in Bungoma County.

However, since the demise of Marvin Wamalwa, a new team has reportedly taken control of the organization and aggrieved members claim they have been sidelined despite their significant contributions, including substantial monetary support of Sh5,000 per member.

Many members echo his sentiments, lamenting that the new management has even altered the organization’s name from Jumbo Charge 039 to Jumbo Charge 4 x 4. Furthermore, they allege that this new leadership has been organizing events in various counties independently, potentially jeopardizing the late Marvin Wamalwa’s legacy.

Heading this takeover are Chairman Charles Mulupi and Eng. Mike Malomba. Eng. Malomba, when contacted for comments, refuted the claims of discontented members, asserting that the current leadership comprises the genuine founding members.

“Who are the real founding members? The late Marvin Wamalwa, Charles Mulupi, Mr. Munene, etc., are the founding members,” he stated during a phone interview with this writer before abruptly ending the call.

Members dissatisfied with the new management argue that they suspect significant sponsorships may be flowing into the organization but remain unaccounted for.

They contend that those who seek transparency and question the progress are swiftly removed from the organization’s WhatsApp group, further intensifying the divisions within the Jumbo Charge community.

As the discord continues to escalate, questions regarding the future direction and stewardship of Jumbo Charge hang in the balance.

The organization’s cherished goal of environmental conservation and its adherence to the legacy of its founder, Marvin Wamalwa, remain at the heart of this dispute, casting a shadow over its once-united mission.



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