Luhya RnB award-winning artist Chris Kanya. Photo/File

A Luhya RnB artist is appealing for support after leaving hospital only to find he has been locked out of his rental house.

Chris Kanya Sifuna, who has produced hits for over 7 years, has been working at a dairy outlet in Gilgil, Nakuru County, since early this year.

He hails from Ndengelwa village along Malaba-Webuye highway in Kanduyi Sub-County, Bungoma County.

His troubles started in mid February, 2024, when he was attacked in the evening by thieves who robbed him of his clothes, smartphone and wallet, when he was leaving his new work place for home.

The robbery incident left him spending the night in the outrageous cold, unconscious, until he was taken to hospital by well wishers.

“Being new here, I was suddenly attacked by a gang that stole everything from me, beating me up and leaving me unconscious in the cold until I was picked by well wishers at dawn,” narrates Chris Kanya.

The award-winning artist would later be on-and-off hospital and finally diagnosed with pneumonia where he got admitted at Holy Spirit Healthcare Centre in Gilgil for two weeks.

However, after being discharged in April, he took a two-week rest before resuming work but was diagnosed with amoeba, returning to hospital again.

With his NHIF not covering all the medical expenses, the artist says he was forced to deplete his savings and even borrow funds from colleagues to sort his medical bills.

Sadly, after leaving the hospital, Chris found his rental house locked by the landlady and efforts to strike a negotiation have been futile.

Chris Kanya (centre) with Luhya artist Steve Kay at a past meetup. PHOTO/FILE

His friend, Mr. Justin Biketi, told this writer that he has been sending some money to the Eastern Talanta Awards Male Artist of the Year winner on several occasions to help him meet his daily needs but the issue needs a lasting solution.

“Chris Kanya reached out to me and I’ve been raising something little to sustain him daily but this won’t be a permanent solution because he needs at least Ksh15,000 to be sure of managing out this situation which I can’t raise alone. I’m just calling upon friends to help this out with whichever little.” said Mr. Biketi, also known as JB.

Chris Kanya (left) receives his ETA Awards from Reverend Natasha in 2023 after winning the Male Artist of the Year title. PHOTO/COURTESY

According to the artist, the landlady is demanding Ksh9,000 as arrears for three months before allowing him access to the house and another Sh3,000 as surerity for the new month, making it Sh12,000.

“I came back home but found my house locked. I’m really stressed with this terrible situation.”

This has proved pain and mental anguish to the artist, who has been forced to wear one pair of clothes for the last eleven days and put up at a night guard’s makeshift room.

With no smartphone and funds to sustain himself, the artist is now appealing for help to come out of this ditch as he seeks to regain stability.

Chris Kanya has produced songs like Nenawe (with you), Mayi (Mom), Nekesa as well as Dying for You.

He can be reached through:+254717984210



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