EPIC SCENTS Director, Mr. Evans Lihanda Kahi, pauses for a photo in his shop in Bungoma town opposite The Tourist Hotel Bungoma. PHOTO/FILE

The years 2020 and 2022 was a terrible period for almost all business spheres due to the Covid-pandemic.

As we start this new year, part of our objective is to highlight some of the outstanding Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the country.

Epic Scents shop, which is located at Khetia’s Hi-Way Supermarket directly opposite The Tourist Hotel Bungoma, is celebrating five years of blossoming in this fragrance business.

In this inaugural column, our Business editor sat down with the EPIC SCENTS perfume shop Directors Mr. Evans Lihanda Kahi and Mrs. Emmaculate Achieng Lihanda.

Here is what they revealed in our conversation:

Please tell us about Epic Scents.

Mrs Achieng Lihanda: We are a designer perfume shop dealing with both refills and non-refills fragrances in Bungoma but do deliveries across the nation.

What was the inspiration to venture into this perfume business?

Mr Lihanda Kahi: From my childhood, I have grown to love fragrances, so, this has really motivated me to learn more about perfumes being inspired by Tom Ford and Chanel.

Coming to realize as I grow up that a good perfume is expensive, I did my research until I landed on a good supplier from overseas (the rule of shipping the more the quantity the affordable it is). Imagine the boredom of using one type of perfume for quite sometime, putting in mind that you have almost 2 liters of it, so we decided to be selling the remaining quantity only to realize that this was a good business opportunity.

Epic Scents co-Director Mrs Emmaculate Achieng Lihanda. PHOTO/FILE

How do you compare your experience before and after the Covid-19 era?

Mrs Lihanda: Covid came in when we were still trying to stabilise the business, it was so frustrating but putting in mind the struggles it drove us to keep pushing, hoping things will get better. After Covid, everyone was trying to get back to their feet which was a plus to us for things were also getting better on our side – fact that everyone wants to smell nice [laughs].

How have you managed to survive this business for five years today despite the Covid-19 effects?

Mr. Kahi: The business was not the only source of income, so it was easy to let the business grow on it’s own and we also came in to support where it needed us too.

Why do you think customers love Epic Scents?

Mrs Lihanda: We have kept improving on the quality of our fragrances and good service despite maintaining same prices for the last five years. People love good things at an affordable price and that’s what EPIC SCENTS is doing.

What has been your biggest source of customers from your marketing outlets?

Mr. Kahi: Well, I will say online marketing, especially on our Facebook page and personal accounts since that’s where most people are. Again, I won’t ignore our local customers, they have been our biggest marketers too, they have kept talking positive about our products and referring their friends to us.

One of the Epic Scents customers, Ms Dinah Sikawa, flaunts her Epic Scents merchandise. PHOTO/EPIC SCENTS

Please share a list of exciting performances and colognes available at EPIC SCENTS?

Best male

1. Armani code
2. Cool water
3. Black xs13
4. Dior sauvage
5. Blue for men

Best female:

1. Escada moonsparkle
2. Mad love
3. Pomegranate
4. A thousand wishes
5. Good girl

Best Arabic:
1. Baccarat Rouge
2. Red Musk
3. Jasmine
4. Shamamatul Amber
5. Aroosah

Best oudy for male n female:

1. Hermes
2. Amber wood
3. Black opium
4. Golden dust
5. One Man

Do you have a variety of quantities that you sell in terms of measurements?

Mrs. Lihanda: We always refill 1ml at Ksh50 bob, that is for the customers who have their own refill bottles. For those who don’t have the bottles, we have the following prices inclusive with the bottles too:

3ml @ 200

6ml @ 400

10ml @ 600

12ml @ 700

15ml @ 900

20ml @ 1200

24ml @ 1400

30ml @ 1700

100ml @ 5500

Prices inclusive with bottle too.

Your message to your fans?

Mrs. Lihanda: We wish to thank them for trusting our products and making us their number one fragrance house and promise to give them the best service and quality fragrances coz we at EPIC SCENTS, WE ARE EPIC.

Epic Scents team during a past event. PHOTO/COURTESY

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