Kibabii University Vice Chancellor Prof. Ipara Odeo (centre) launches the new lactation centre at Kibabii University. PHOTO/KIBUKibabii University Vice Chancellor Prof. Ipara Odeo (centre) launches the new lactation centre at Kibabii University. PHOTO/KIBU

Kibabii University has officially launched a lactation center on 14th May, 2024 at the University grounds.

The launch, aimed towards promoting inclusivity and supporting the welfare of its staff, students and community members, was graced by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Isaac Ipara Odeo, and attended by Senior University Management, staff and student representatives.

Speaking during the launch, Prof. Odeo noted that he had been looking forward to this moment when the Lactation Center would officially be open to serve the Kibabii University Community.

“I had looked towards this achievement aimed at serving the Community around Kibabii University and it has finally happened,” Prof. Ipara celebrated.

Prof. Ipara emphasized that the bonding period between a mother and child is very crucial for the proper growth and development of the child, as well as the positive mental state of a mother, asserted that the numerous benefits of proper lactation to the family unit cannot be overstated.

“Lack of proper lactation may negatively affect the mental state of mothers, thereby affecting their performance at work since they will keep worrying about their babies,” said Prof. Odeo.

The Vice Chancellor underscored the need for a comfortable and private environment for breastfeeding, whether at work or at home.

The Prof thanked the Office of the Registrar, Administration and Human Resources, under the leadership of Dr. Ruth Mitalo for introducing such an initiative which not only ensures that the University complies with the law, but also gives lactating mothers peace of mind as their discharge their duties at work.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), Administration, Finance and Development, Prof. Donald Siamba, thanked the Vice Chancellor for supporting the project to its completion.

He noted that the Center provides a comfortable space for mothers to bond with their young ones and create meaningful relationships with them.

Prof. Siamba reiterated that the University will continue to revamp the lactation center by adding more resting spaces and boosting its privacy.

Prof. Franklin Wabwoba, speaking on behalf of the Ag. DVC, Academic and Students Affairs, narrated the struggles he faced with his wife during their early days as parents due to lack of lactation facilities like the one that was launched. He noted that the newly launched Lactation Center is invaluable to lactating mothers at Kibabii University.

Prof. Joshua Abuya, representing the Ag. DVC, Planning, Partnerships, Research and Innovation, thanked the University management for this timely idea and joined the rest of the attendees in celebrating its launch.

The Registrar, Administration and Human Resource, Dr. Ruth Mitalo, thanked the management for supporting this initiative and for catering to staff welfare issues.

She termed the lactation center a mothers’ day gift to lactating mothers since it has been officially launched just two days after celebrating mothers’ day.

She reiterated Kibabii University’s care for its lactating staff and students as it endeavours to promote mother and child bonding.

Dr. Mitalo stated that the Center is well equipped with a refrigerator for storing expressed milk, beds for babies, sitting spaces, and a small kitchenette for cleaning used utensils. She further noted that it places the University in compliance with the law that requires such a public institution to provide a lactation center.

The Director, Institute of Gender and Development Studies, Dr. Rispah Wepukhulu, who was also the rapporteur during the launch, thanked the University Management for this timely initiative that will give lactating mothers peace of mind as they discharge their duties.

Students Organization of Kibabii University (SOKU) Vice Chair, Elizabeth Kemunto expressed gratitude on behalf of the students noting that this initiative would give lactating students a private and comfortable space to breastfeed and bond with their babies.

(Additional Info courtesy, Kibabii University). 



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