Bungoma County Senatorial candidate Wafula Wamunyinyi.

Former Kanduyi MP Wafula Wamunyinyi will fly the DAP-K flag in the Bungoma Senatorial by election.

Speaking at the party headquarters in Bungoma town, Mr. Wamunyinyi thanked his supporters for believing in him, stating that his vast experience in political legislation is key to the residents of Bungoma.

“It’s a great honour having been endorsed by the people of Bungoma to serve as their Senator,” he said.

“Officially declared my candidature in the December 8 by-election after calls from my people across all walks of life. With my experience as a long-serving Member of the National Assembly, I’m able to provide proper legislation and oversight for the prosperity of our beloved county of Bungoma.”

Flanked by party Secretary-General Dr. Eseli Simiyu and several leaders elected on DAP ticket, Mr. Wamunyinyi affirmed that he will deliver the Senatorial seat to the party and use his election to better the lives of the people of Bungoma.

While serving in the National Assembly, Wamunyinyi was the first MP to sponsor a sugar bill that seeks to cushion farmers from financial strains.

The Wamunyinyi Sugar Bill has several recommendations to resuscitate the ailing sugar industry, not only in Kenya, but across the country.

Part of Wamunyinyi’s bill seeks to give the Kenya Sugar Board powers to regulate the sector directly instead of operating through Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Authority.

MPs from sugar-producing regions have been seeking to reinstate the KSB’s independence which was lost during the repeal of the Crops Act through the Sugar Bill.

The Bill further seeks to give farmers more say in the management of sugar factories by giving them a 51 per cent shareholding in privatised sugar firms with farmers having more than half representation at firms’ board of directors.

The Wamunyinyi Bill was passed in the National Assembly in September 2021 and forwarded to Senate where it’s still pending.

It proposes reforms such as the gazettement of the sugar sector regulations including import rules, amendment of the Agriculturend Food Authority Act and Crops Act in line with the Constitution.

It also proposes strict compliance with the Comes regulations and outlines measures needed to increase the sugar sector’s productivity, and a review of the taxation regime to enhance investor incentives.

Majority of locals across Western and Nyanza regions depend on sugar farming as their main economic activity.

Wamunyinyi proposes that farmers get their payments within 7 days from the day their cane is harvested. It also gives direction to have all sugar workers to be paid on time.

Wamunyinyi’s official entry into the Bungoma Senatorial race now changes the political matrix with the initial competition between Ford Kenya’s Wafula Wakoli and UDA’s Mwambu now being split further by DAP.

This will now mean that many electorates who don’t want neither UDA nor Ford Kenya candidates will see Wamunyinyi as the best, neutral option.

The seat fell vacant after then Senator Francis Masika resigned to take up the National Assembly Speaker position a month ago.



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