Webuye East resident Mr. Titus Shitandayi. PHOTO/COURTESY

Webuye East MP Martin Investor Wanyonyi has been accused of turning rogue after one of his constituents was attacked by suspected goons linked to him.

Mr. Titus Shitandayi was seriously injured during the attack that left him traumatised.

Webuye East MP Martin Wanyonyi Pepela alias Investor. PHOTO/FILE

According to the victim, the attack followed their misunderstanding on one of the WhatsApp groups, (Webuye East forum).

Mr. Shitandayi linked the attack with yet another suspect post uploaded by a user by the name “Shish” who wrote on Webuye East Forum, “@Investor Mheshimiwa mambo ni matatu. @shitandayi Titus ni ahame Webuye East ama aende Jela ama tutasafirisha yeye Mbinguni,” loosely translated as “Mr. Investor, there are only three issues; @Shitandayi Titus flees Webuye East, goes to jail or we escort him to heaven.”

The MP, through his known phone number, replied, “He either criticizes me within the confines of the law and respect, or the same law handles him. He has 24 hours to apologize.”

Residents of Webuye East MP are now up in arms against the MP whose popularity risks damage following the allegations.

Mr. Pepela has been accused of distributing CDF monies on projects discriminatively leaving out areas he perceives as voting against him, something he has denied.

But when reached for comments, the former MCA, who won the legislative seat on Ford Kenya ticket, confessed having been ‘offended’ by the victim but denied having any hands on the victim’s brutal attack.

“I know Titus Shitandayi and he has been offending me on forums for long and I have reported the matter with the relevant legal officers but not though goons. I’m a law maker who knows the law, I can’t solve a legal issue through illegal means,” said Mr. Pepela in a telephone interview with this writer.



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