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Is there a Conspiracy to Kick out other Betting Companies from Kenya?



Jul 1, 2022

Companies that contribute to Kenya’s budget with Ksh20 billion a year that the Government of Kenya receives from taxes are once again the target of local powers that are trying to take over the market!

A scandalous attempt is underway to prevent companies from extending their licenses and to continue to operating in the market. It couldn’t be more obvious that this is just one more in a series of set ups, because it is known that the easiest way to discredit a company and reduce their influence on the market is to simply revoke their work permit.

The question that immediately arises is, who from the state authorities, is helping the local company, which is again trying to implement the same unfair strategy as a year ago and remove competition from the market?

Just a few years ago, one company was almost kicked out of the market. That company managed to deal with the false accusations and is still operating today, but on a smaller scale, because published falsehoods affected their business, and no one was held accountable for it.

It is clear that due to the affairs and the fight over licenses, investors who enable the stability of the economy with their business will not be spared either.

There are too many similarities in all of this that one can only think that there is a domestic lobby in the background trying to remove the competition and take over the business in an unfair way.

The self-imposed questions that remain unanswered are why companies that provide jobs are forced out of the market, while millions are paid annually in the name of fiscal and parafiscal levies into state and local government budgets, without which citizens of Kenya will obviously be jobless due to obvious corruption and the benefits of individuals.

In addition to monetary income, companies from this industry are big sponsors of Kenyan sports and are also helping local communities. The social responsibility of one of the gaming companies was demonstrated during the corona virus pandemic. The donations that were given then cannot even be counted.

Who is behind all these shenanigans and who is trying to sabotage the work of a socially responsible company?

We will see on Monday, when the meeting for renewing licenses is scheduled. For now, food for thought…



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