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Eric Nyoti: Lusaka’s Rising Youth Leader and Advocate for Community Development



Dec 8, 2023
Bungoma County Protocol Officer Eric Nyoti (right). PHOTO/COURTESY

Eric Nyoti, an indispensable figure in Governor Ken Lusaka’s inner circle since 2015, has steadily expanded his sphere of influence, carving a path as a beacon for youth empowerment and grassroots development in Kenyan politics.

Amidst Governor Lusaka’s 2017 gubernatorial re-election campaign, Nyoti’s prominence surged, despite facing a reported poisoning incident, suspected to be a result of political animosity.

Nyoti’s unwavering dedication to Lusaka remained steadfast, despite electoral defeat, demonstrating an unyielding loyalty uncommon in politics.

In recognition of his allegiance, Nyoti earned a Senate appointment when Governor Lusaka ascended to the position of Senate Speaker.

His pivotal role as a mobilizer of influential youth during the 2022 elections played a crucial role in Lusaka’s successful return, resulting in Nyoti’s new appointment as a Protocol Officer.

Addressing himself as “Mtu ya Mkono ya Governor Lusaka” (Governor Lusaka’s right-hand man), Nyoti’s impact extends far beyond political realms.

In Bumula Constituency, he has spearheaded impactful initiatives such as the Nyoti Football Tournament, fostering talent development and community cohesion.

Nyoti’s altruistic nature extends to philanthropy, dedicating his free time to visiting hospitals and donating essential items to patients, reflecting a deep-rooted commitment to uplifting the vulnerable.

As Nyoti’s influence continues to burgeon, calls for him to vie for a political seat in the future amplify. Many anticipate his potential candidacy with optimism, with a sentiment that Governor Lusaka’s unwavering support would further bolster Nyoti’s political aspirations.

Eric Nyoti’s ascent as a vibrant youth leader, catalyst for community development, and staunch ally of Governor Lusaka epitomizes a commitment to public service and grassroots empowerment, leaving an indelible mark on the Kenyan political landscape.



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