Christ The King Cathedral Church Administrative Priest Fr Jeremiah Manuni during a past event. PHOTO/COURTESY

After months of suspending the Christ The King Cathedral Choir, Father Jeremiah Manuni has finally made key changes in the choral unit of the popular church.

While making the new announcement during Sunday’s mass in Bungoma Town, Fr. Jeremiah stated that the new changes are meant to restore the sanctity of the church choir, which has enjoyed glory and fame from all spheres of the world.

According to sources that attended the service, the soft-spoken Father cited an exposé that was published on this trafficked news site in October last year that had questioned the discipline of a section of choir members.

According the story, reports of members engaging in illicit intimate affairs amongst themselves were damaging the otherwise good image of the celebrated church choir.

After this writer’s exposé, Father Jeremiah suspended the unit as he commenced the process of the restructuring the team.

Yesterday, Father Jeremiah reportedly read out the names of 76 new choir members, apparently sidelining a large number of former members.

Even despite naming the 76, Father Jeremiah, who replaced the late authoritative Father Wanyonyi in the year 2021, warned of trimming that number, should he find out any suspicious characters.

In his comments, Father Jeremiah didn’t appear to dispute the authenticity of our story, stating that allegations must have been leaked to this website from a section of the same choir members.

“Instead of sharing with me such indiscipline cases, you guys leak the information to a one Blogger Wakajuaness,” decried Father Jeremiah.

“His story was read widely to as far as Rome and I could receive various calls on the same asking why the church choir had turned indiscipline.”

He, however, appeared to thank the story, saying that it has influenced him to make the new changes on the membership.

Christ The King Cathedral Church Choir is one of the most respected church units in the country, having produced great hits like “Bungoma Hoyee”



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