Hopkins Hospital Proprietor Dr. Ombonye Omweri during a past media briefing. PHOTO/FILE

Hopkins Crescent Hospital is hosting a football tournament to raise awareness about sickle cell disease and promote blood donation.

The hospital is staging the unique football tournament in collaboration with various stakeholders.

The event is taking place at Sudi Stadium in Bungoma County today and will see the participation of ten competitive teams representing different regions within the county.

The tournament, dubbed the Sickle Cell/Anti-Jigger/Blood Drive Super Tournament, aims to address multiple health issues concurrently.

Alongside the football matches, there will be blood donation drives, jigger treatment initiatives, and intensified awareness campaigns on sickle cell disease.

Dr. Ombonye Omweri, the Director of Hopkins Crescent Hospital, said that the main objective of the tournament is to help in combating poverty, amplifying blood donation efforts, and providing assistance to patients grappling with sickle cell anemia.

Highlighting the significance of the event, Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka is expected to grace the occasion. The presence of key figures like Governor Lusaka underscores the importance of community engagement in healthcare initiatives.

Teams such as Daktari FC, Doyens Kitale, Lifecare Hospital FC, and others will compete in the tournament, showcasing both sporting prowess and solidarity in the fight against sickle cell disease.


The Hopkins Hospital-sponsored event not only promises exciting football action but also serves as a platform for collective action in addressing pressing health challenges within the community. By combining sports, healthcare, and community engagement, the tournament aims to make a meaningful impact in the ongoing battle against sickle cell disease and related health issues.



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