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Bungoma Football Fans Unite in Charity Tournament for U15, Encouraging Young Talent and Education

In a heartwarming display of community support and sporting goodwill, football enthusiasts in Bungoma town rallied together to organize a charity tournament benefiting children under the age of 15 at…

Africa’s Transition to Sustainable Energy: Closing the Chapter on Coal

Africa is undergoing a profound shift in its energy landscape, marked by the closure of coal plants and a resolute embrace of sustainable alternatives. South Africa’s decommissioning of coal facilities,…

Lirhembe Arsenal Clinchs the Cleo Malalah Super Cup Title Amidst High-Octane Finale at Mumias Complex

The Cleo Malalah Super Cup has earned accolades as the largest individual football tournament on African soil.

Excitement Builds for Cleo Malala’s Postponed Showdown as 10,000 fans to Grab Free T-Shirts

Adding a zest to the tournament, Senator Malalah announced an enticing offer, promising free t-shirts to the first 10,000 fans arriving at Mumias Complex on Sunday morning.

List of Corporate Brands Elevating Cleo Malalah Super Cup with Generous Sponsorship

A plethora of renowned corporate sponsors has lent their support to this remarkable tournament, which has emerged as Africa's most spectacular football tournament.

Photos of the Spectacular Cleo Malala’s Night of Football and Glamour at Mumias Complex

Marking its 5th edition, the Cleo Malala Super Cup stands as a singular spectacle, emerging as the largest football tournament ever staged in Africa.

Court Issues Gag Order to Blogger Nyakundi, Restricts Publication on KUSCCO CEO

Given the sensitive nature of the financial sector, these posts created substantial ripples that couldn't be disregarded lightly.

Chebosi FC Triumphs in Glamorous Fashion at the Tony Wakhungu Memorial Tournament Finale

The Chebosi Football Club emerged victorious in stunning fashion, claiming the championship title at the prestigious Tony Wakhungu Memorial Tournament, held amidst grandeur at the Chebosi High School Grounds in…

Epic Showdown as Chebosi, Mahanga, Square Out in the Tony Wakhungu Memorial Cup in Bokoli”

Bokoli Ward was gripped by football fever as the inaugural Tony Wakhungu Memorial Cup reached its penultimate stage, setting the stage for an enthralling final clash between Mahanga FC and…

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka Highlights Development Scorecard on Jamhuri Day

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka used the occasion of Jamhuri Day to highlight his achievements in office since taking over in August 2022. He emphasized his commitment to fulfilling his campaign…