Embattled Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja (left) and former Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant Fwamba NC Fwamba. GRAPHICS/SIMIYU WAKAJUANESS


Ben Mulwa and Kamau Mugo had successfully incorporated me into the Nairobi campaigns and slotted me to become CEC Member in the anticipated Sonko administration that was to come after the 2017 elections. This was after Mulwa,Kamau and Onchari Oyieyo had successfully convinced Sonko to have me on board.

As part of being involved in the process, Ben Mulwa invited me to a strategy meeting. Interestingly, he just asked me to meet him at KICC so that we could go together to the strategy meeting.

I went with Mulwa to 26th flr where I found that the venue of the meeting was the office of Super Fraud Sakaja whom I considered a friend then.

I found my old friend, Dr Makodingo, and a few other notable faces in the room. I felt at home.

After a few minutes, Mulwa called me aside and informed me that apparently, there was a problem. He told me that Super Fraud Sakaja had confronted Sonko and demanded that I be removed from the meeting with immediate effect since no Luhya was supposed to join the Sonko campaign without passing through him!

My colleague informed me that Super Fraud Sakaja had gone to see my boss CS Eugene Wamalwa with an express demand that he (CS Wamalwa) should sack me because I was allegedly supporting his opponent (Edwin Sifuna).

– Fwamba NC Fwamba

By then I knew the Super Fraud Sakaja as my younger Comrade having been introduced to him earlier by his cousin Yosax Sakaja in 2007 when SONU elections had been rigged and some student leaders who included Benedict Wachira (Mamluki), Isaac Amuke, Susan Chege and Yosax had sought my external intervention.


Having been a former SONU Vice Chairman, I was used to supporting student leaders at UoN whenever they sought my political support. I got in touch with my friends Oulu GPO(RIP), Kingwa Kamenchu and immediate former SONU Chairman Nemwel Machuki to listen to address the issues of concern by Yosax and his team.

One evening in 2007, I had a scheduled meeting with Yosax. He showed up with a guy he introduced to me as his cousin Johnson Sakaja. He introduced him as a Parallel Students representative in SONU. I wondered how possible that was since we never allowed Parallel students into the Union leadership.

Yosax told me that the SONU constitution had been amended to incorporate Module II students in leadership. This Yosax’ cousin, whom I was meeting for the first time, had prevailed upon Yosax to give up the fight.

Yosax had tagged him along to communicate the reasoning and the decision behind the retreat. I listened told them in principle, I was supportive of any decision Yosax thought worked well in his interest.

Later in the year 2007, I met this Super Fraud guy at the Kibaki PNU Vijana Na Kibaki campaigns. He had been brought on board as a student representative in the campaigns alongside Andronicus Sikula, Onchari Oyieyo, GG Kagombe and Francis Wanjohi.


Given that background and other interaction in between, I generally considered this guy a friend.

After being informed by Ben Mulwa that I was unwanted in the meeting (I have never felt that low in my life), I asked Mulwa to escort me to the lift. I told Mulwa that to the best of my knowledge, I considered Sakaja my friend.I also told him that I know and even Sakaja knows that he is a Kalenjin and not a Luhya and therefore he absolutely had no locus standi to patronise me on Luhya issues.

After this disappointment, I shared with my friends what had transpired. A few days later documentation of evidence of a Koskei in Sakaja’s name emerged and the revelations started coming out to the general public.


Sonko, through Kamau Mugo and Ben Mulwa stated that the commitment to be named CEC was still in place and there was no need for me to worry.

Having had that assurance, I put my networks in place to support Jubilee candidates in Nairobi as I personally on invitation of Joseph Maathai and Moses Kuria joined the Mbele Iko Sawa caravan together with Millicent Omanga and other would be MPs from Kiambu like Wamacukuru and Kago Wa Lydia.

We went with Moses Kuria to Western counties on this caravan.Moses Kuria asked me to focus on the presidential campaign and stay away from Nairobi (I had shared with him what had happened).


While in Kitale, I got a phone call from one of my colleagues at Maji House where I was working then. My colleague informed me that Super Fraud Sakaja had gone to see my boss CS Eugene Wamalwa with an express demand that he (CS Wamalwa) should sack me because I was allegedly supporting his opponent (Edwin Sifuna).

After the elections of 2017, Kamau Mugo called me to Boulevard Hotel. When I got there I found him together with the Mutinda Kavemba (M.H.R.I.P). Mugo who had been slotted in as the Chief-of-Staff under Sonko, informed Kavemba and I that Sonko had committed to put us into the Nairobi County Leadership. He asked us to prepare our necessary documentations(DCI, EACC, CRB and HELB clearance together with our academic credentials).

When the CEC positions were filled and my name and that of Kavemba were missing, we met Kamau again and he said we’ll be amongst the Chief Officers list.

We applied and we were shortlisted. Brian Weke, the late Mutinda Kavemba, Dr Washington Makodingo, Jack Owino and I, were amongst those who were shortlisted.

Kavemba was picked as a Chief Officer, I was not. I moved on with life since I was still comfortably working at the Ministry of Devolution under CS Eugene Wamalwa.


I never got to meet Sonko in person until Mutinda Kavemba passed on. Joseph Kioko, Mutunga Mutunga, Bonface Kavuvi and I, tasked ourselves to coordinate Mutinda Kavemba’s final journey.

The hospital bill was huge (Ksh11 million). Therefore, we reached out to as many people as possible to help us raise the amount.

At the fundraising to offset funeral expenses, I sat next to Sonko and for the first time confronted him to ask why he had not considered me for any position. Sonko told me that Super Fraud Sakaja had opposed my appointment.

Sonko told me that he had all the intentions of appointing me but Super Fraud Sakaja had threatened him of unspecified political consequences if he ever did that.


In the name of masquerading as a Luhya, I am told he has made the lives of genuine Nairobi city Luhya politicians very difficult. After having successfully confused Mudavadi into joining Kenya Kwisha, he has easily cemented the false brand of him being a Luhya and therefore claimed authority over all Nairobi Luhyas in Kenya Kwisha.

Behind that fake smile,the Super Fraud Senator is an evil minded person.

(NOTE: The author is a former Nairobi gubernatorial aspirant and a political activist. Views expressed here are entirely his own and do not necessarily represent the general view of WakajuanessLive.Com)



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