Social media marketing (SMM) is a key strategic activity that can achieve organizational goals and create value for internal and external stakeholders.

According to a research article published on Tandfonline.Com/, levels of customer interaction and data insights enable trust and an increased chance of success through effective social media marketing strategy (SMMS).

It confirms that clubs now consider SMMS to be core to their communications with fans. The research is further evidence that brands use social media as a strategic tool to build relationships with local and global fans and stakeholders, in addition to informing fans to encourage interaction and participation.

Despite the Kenyan football teams currently struggling due to poor management by the football authorities, clubs have continuously counted on social media to boost their visibility, sometimes catching the attention of the sponsors.

Today, our Sports team has camped on Facebook and compiled a list of the most followed football clubs participating in Kenya’s third tier – FKF Division One Zone B League.

Note that none of these Facebook pages is verified, therefore, our team could be forgiven for relying on assumption based on the latest posts related to the respective clubs.

1. Zoo FC – 22k followers

2. Mofa – 18k

3. Luanda Villa- 12k

4. Green Commandos 11k

5. Kisumu Hot Stars- 11k

6. Sunderland Keroche – 9.4k followers

7. Bungoma Superstars- 9.1k followers

8. Bondo United- 7.6k

9. Kona Rangers – 6.5K

10. Soy United- 5.8k

11. Nyota FC- 4.2k

12. Mayenje Santos – 3.5k

13. Transfoc FC – 3k followers

14. G.D.C – 2.8k

15. Vegpro – 1.5k

16. Nyalenda FC – 1.3k

17. Sigalagala Technical- 205 followers

18..St Joseph’s Nakuru – (NO PAGE FOUND)

19. Muhoroni Young – (NO PAGE FOUND)

20. Kamungei FC- (NO PAGE FOUND)



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