Mr. Fwamba NC Fwamba is a Nairobi politician and a former senior advisor at various government ministries including the Ministry of Water&Irrigation, Ministry of Devolution and Ministry of Defence, Republic of Kenya. Photo l File

In the vast and untamed wilderness of the African savannah, where the mighty lion and the resilient buffalo clash in a timeless struggle for survival, lies a profound lesson that resonates deeply within the fabric of human society—a lesson of unity and its pivotal role in overcoming adversity.

Just as the lion thrives through cooperation within its pride, so too can humanity achieve greatness when united in purpose and resolve.

The unity displayed by the lion pride stands as a formidable force against any challenger, ensuring dominance over the savannah.

Conversely, the buffalo, despite its individual strength, often falls victim to the cunning tactics of the united lion pride, succumbing to coordinated attacks due to their failure to unite and stand together.

In the context of this struggle, there exists a beacon of hope – a reminder of the transformative power of unity.  If only the buffaloes and wildebeests could overcome their reluctance to unite, the outcome of their encounters with lions could be vastly different.


Similarly, in the face of division and discord, humanity must recognize the importance of unity.

The parallels between the struggles of these creatures and the challenges faced by Luhyas in Kenya’s political landscape are undeniable.

Just as buffaloes and wildebeests are vulnerable to coordinated lion attacks due to their disunity, we Luhyas have often found ourselves marginalized by successive governments since independence and overlooked, especially in the pursuit of political leadership and even when it comes to strategic government appointments after every election.


However, there is hope on the horizon. As Kenya lobbies for Rt. Hon Raila Odinga to the Chairmanship of the African Union Commission, a great opportunity is presented for new political players to emerge.

From my perspective, there is an equal opportunity for anyone who feels ready to lead. They refer to luck as an opportunity that meets readiness.

The biggest political block that should emerge is Kenya’s politics sleeping giant. We Luhyas must wake up now. We must now harness our numerical strength and make a bold move towards the presidency.

Given our people’s longstanding support for Baba, it’s only fair that we benefit from this political development by not waiting to be crowned but by aggressively mapping out ways to deserve the top crown of Kenyan leadership. We should be an aggressive community that must stand behind an aggressive leader. We must not wait.

Achieving this goal requires us to set aside our differences and unite behind a common vision. Our community’s significant numbers are a potent asset that cannot be ignored when we stand together with capable leadership.


Unity, for us, means transcending tribal divisions, prioritizing the collective interests of all Luhyas and talking to other communities to back us this time round.

History bears witness to the transformative power of unity—the civil rights movements, the fight against oppression, the quest for justice, freedom, and equality—all driven by the collective will of individuals standing together for a common cause.

It is time for Luhyas to seize their political destiny, to unite, fight, and win together, for the sake of our collective survival and prosperity. If we don’t do this now, we are doomed. We can’t continue complaining that we are being marginalized yet we have the numbers good enough to seek presidency in a country where access to any appointment is as important as your surname.

Let us learn from the lessons of the African savannah and strive to emulate the unity displayed by the lion pride. We have been buffaloes for far too long, let us be lions at least for once. With unity as our guiding principle, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

It’s indeed possible for a Luhya to be President of Kenya on the basis of our numerical strength. If we don’t, we’ll continue being chewed mercilessly the way buffalos and wildebeest are munched daily by lions in the African Savannah.



By Fwamba NC Fwamba

Fwamba NC Fwamba is a Nairobi politician and a former senior advisor at various government ministries including the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Ministry of Devolution and Ministry of Defence, Republic of Kenya.

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