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DAP-K Dethrones ANC, FK to emerge Biggest Party in Western Kenya ahead of Bungoma Election



Nov 5, 2022

In less than one year since it was launched, the democratic Action Party-Kenya (DAP-K) in the latest rank that was used by the office of the Registrar of Political Parties to allocate Political Parties Fund has emerged the biggest in the region.

According to the gazette notice, DAP-K is the 5th biggest party in the country after UDA, ODM, Jubilee and Wiper, and will recieve Ksh 31M.

The rank gives the party an edge as it seeks to grow further. The results come barely a month to the Bungoma Senator by-election where the party has fronted party leader, Wafula Wamunyinyi.

The news also comes at a time when speculations are rife that UDA has asked ANC and Ford Kenya to fold up and join UDA to make up the biggest party.

If materialised, then DAP-K that’s associated with former Cabinet Secretary, Eugene Wamalwa, will be the sole party of the region. Word has it that the party will soon celebrate it’s one year anniversary, reflect on the journey and undergo reorganization to make it better.

Wamunyinyi was this week endorsed by Azimio leader Raila Odinga to vie fir the seat and the party has already embarked on grassroot campaigns for the seat.

DAP-K has one Governor, 5 MPs and over 40 MCAs drawn across the country. It remains to be seen how the party will sustain itself in the opposition and maintain its grip in the top parties in the country.

Other parties that are set to receive funding from the Office of the Registrar of Political Parties are as follows:

1. Narc-Kenya – Ksh.7,559,722

2. Party of Independent Candidate of Kenya (PICK) – Ksh.427,317

3. Devolution Empowerment Party (DEP) – Ksh.13,781,840

4. Kenya National Congress (KNC) – Ksh.1,852,839

5. Democratic Party of Kenya (DP) – Ksh.5,485,815

6. Party of National Unity (PNU) – Ksh.4,462,017

7. Kenya Social Congress (KSC) – Ksh.1,217,909

8. Progressive Party of Kenya – Ksh.3,153,535

9. Maendeleo Democratic Party – Ksh.582,101

10. NARC – Ksh.5,153,865 11. KADU-Asili – Ksh.479,832

12. Communist Party of Kenya (CPK) – Ksh.1,047,848

13. KANU – Ksh.23,938,039 14. Safina – Ksh.3,138,585

15. Chama Cha Uzalendo (CCU) – Ksh.3,923,355

16. National Agenda Party of Kenya (NPK) – Ksh.2,238,311

17. People’s Empowerment Party (PEP) – Ksh.837,622

18. Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) – Ksh.795,008

19. Shirikisho Party of Kenya (SPK) – Ksh.687,791

20. UPIA – Ksh.8,968,11

21. Federal Party of Kenya (FPK) – Ksh.1,257,686

22. Muungano Party – Ksh.6,743,290

23. Chama Cha Mashinani (CCM) – Ksh.8,113,606

24. Ubuntu People’s Forum – Ksh.1,998,602

25. United Democratic Party (UDP) – Ksh.5,374,364

26. People’s Trust Party (PTP) -Ksh.842,763

27. Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG) – Ksh.9,798,978

28. Justice and Freedom Party of Kenya (JFP) – Ksh.277,033

29. Grand Dream Development Party (GDDP) – Ksh.466,800

30. United Progressive Alliance (UPA) – Ksh.8,677,952

31. The Service Party (TSP) – Ksh.10,554,051

32. NOPEU – Ksh.1,352,449

33. National reconstruction Alliance (NRA) – Ksh.3,399,792

34. Chama Cha Kazi – Ksh.6,533,345

35. Tujibebe Wakenya Party – Ksh.7,581,022

36. Kenya Union Party (KUP) – Ksh.9,505,566

37. Pamoja African Alliance (PAA) – Ksh.11,501,302

38. Mabadiliko Party of Kenya (MAPK) – Ksh.638,844

39. Green Thinking Action Party of Kenya (GTAP) – Ksh.582,538



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