AFC Leopards commercial director Enos Mutokah has written to the club demanding payment of Kshs 5.5 million that is pending after he brokered the Betika Sponsorship deal worth Kshs60 million.

Mutokah, through his representatives, Ngonyo Mungua and Company wrote to the registered officials of AFC Leopards SC in a letter dated 19/05/2023 with the reference;

“Demand for payment of the sum of Kshs Five million five hundred thousand (5,500,000) being the commission owing and payable to Enos Mutokah under the terms of the contract mutually executed as between him and the club.”

According to Mutokah, he only received ksh 500,000 out of the kshs 6 million and he is demanding the rest of the amount that should be paid in 10 days from the day the demand letter was served.

The demand letter.

Failure to pay the owed dues plus the interest accrued will prompt Mutokah to file a recovery action in accordance with the agreement he had with the club.

Ingwe signed a three-year sponsorship deal with the betting firm worth Kshs 195 million that was effective from 1st August 2022.

According to the sponsorship, AFC Leopards was to receive Kshs 65 million each year to alleviate the harsh economic conditions that the club was facing at that time.

“A good sponsor always stabilizes the club and, yes, Betika will most certainly solve most of the problems we have experienced in the past,” Shikanda (AFC Leopards chairperson) said at the time of signing the deal.

True to his words, the sponsorship has seen AFC Leopards enjoy one of the most peaceful moments at the club in the recent past.

The go-slows that were common at the club have ceased recently and this stability has reflected the results on the pitch though not to the level most of the fans would have wished.

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Arthur Watenda is a freelance journalist with a keen interest in football. He is passionate about Kenyan football and reports on every league in Western Kenya.

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