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Excitement as Lusenaka Announces Grand Launch of the Bukembe Modern Market



Sep 5, 2023
Bukembe West Ward MCA and Minority Leader Anthony Luseneka. PHOTO/FILEBukembe West Ward MCA and Minority Leader Anthony Luseneka. PHOTO/FILE

In a momentous occasion set to transform the economic landscape of Bukembe West Ward, Kanduyi Sub County and beyond, the Bukembe Modern Market is slated for its grand launch on September 7th, 2023.

This development promises to provide a thriving marketplace for goods and services, catering to the needs of the local populace and extending its reach to neighboring areas.

Bukembe West Ward MCA Mr Anthony Lusenaka, the visionary behind this initiative, expressed his elation regarding the forthcoming market launch.

A view of the Bukembe Modern Market while under construction. PHOTO/FILE

During an interview with this writer at his office, he emphasized that this endeavor is poised to not only bolster the economy of the residents but also create lucrative opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

“Apart from blossoming the socio-economic status of this area and the residents, the market will also create thousands of jobs for local entrepreneurs,” he said.

Lusenaka’s unwavering commitment to this project has garnered widespread praise from the community.

Residents of the Bukembe West Ward have enthusiastically welcomed this landmark project and have commended the relentless efforts of their area MCA for championing the cause.

Their appreciation reflects the belief that this market will significantly improve their quality of life by boosting employment and fostering economic growth in the region.

The Bukembe Modern Market encompasses more than just commerce; it features a comprehensive resource center that includes a social hall for meetings, a well-equipped library, an ICT center and a cafeteria.

These facilities are poised to revolutionize the landscape of Ndengelwa market, located along Bungoma-Webuye Highway, offering not only economic opportunities but also spaces for social and educational development.

In addition to the market launch, Mr. Luseneka is actively advocating for increased road safety along the Webuye-Kanduyi highway.

Collaborating with Kenya National Highways Authority (KENHA), they have identified locations for the installation of pumps and the placement of essential road signs. This initiative seeks to reduce accidents and enhance road safety for all commuters.

A meeting was convened with KENHA during public participation efforts organized by Hon. Lusenaka, who also serves as the Minority Leader in the County Assembly of Bungoma.

This reflects the dedication of local leadership to ensuring that the project aligns with the needs and aspirations of the people it serves.

With the colorful launch of the Bukembe Modern Market just around the corner, Luseneka calls upon all residents to join in the festivities.

This momentous occasion not only marks the beginning of a new economic era but also symbolizes the spirit of unity and progress within the community.

As the countdown to September 7th continues, anticipation and excitement are building and hopes are high for a brighter future for Bukembe West Ward and beyond.



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