Correspondents working diligently to provide news and stories to The Star Newspaper, a prominent publication within the Radio Africa Group, are facing dire financial hardships as they have endured seven long months without receiving their salaries.

Despite their persistent efforts to seek clarification and action from the company’s management, correspondents have allegedly been met with silence and unresponsive employers, leaving them grappling with insurmountable financial challenges.

The predicament faced by these correspondents has had devastating consequences, affecting not only their professional lives but also their ability to provide for their families and meet their domestic responsibilities.

The impact of this seven-month salary delay is being felt far and wide:

1. Financial Struggles: The correspondents find themselves unable to meet essential financial obligations, including putting food on the table for their families and paying school fees for their children. These are hardships that no dedicated worker should have to endure.

2. Healthcare Concerns: Another pressing issue is that correspondents lack access to National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) services, placing the health and well-being of these correspondents at risk.

3. Impaired Work Mobility: The financial constraints have also limited the correspondents’ ability to move around in search of stories and news coverage. This situation compromises their capacity to provide the quality reporting that readers and listeners depend on.

This is a dire reflection of the toll that the delayed salaries have taken on the mental and emotional well-being of these hardworking journalists.

It’s reported that the correspondents have now voiced their plea to the company’s management, urging them to expedite the processing of their long-overdue payments.

They assert that this delay has pushed them to the brink, and they can no longer sustain their essential expenses.

If their pleas continue to fall on deaf ears, the correspondents are left with no option but to explore legal avenues to address this matter and seek justice.

It’s crucial to highlight that the work of these correspondents plays a pivotal role in delivering news and stories to readers and listeners through The Star Newspaper and Radio Jambo. They are the eyes and ears in all 47 counties, ensuring that vital information reaches the public.

It is disconcerting that, while correspondents await their rightful remuneration, the company’s top-level management reportedly continues to receive their salaries promptly. T

This contradiction raises questions about the company’s financial transparency and accountability.

The correspondents have one fundamental question: Why do the salaries of top executives not experience delays, while they are told that the company is grappling with cash flow issues?

This dissonance between executive compensation and the salaries of those in the field is a matter that warrants further examination.

Our efforts to reach out to the Group’s Director for Convergence, Mr. William Pike were futile as he did not pick our calls nor respond to our messages by the time of publishing this story.

Radio Africa Director of Convergence Dr. William Pike. PHOTO/LINKEDIN

In these challenging times, as correspondents strive to bring the news to the public, it is incumbent upon the company’s management to address their grievances promptly and fairly.

The dignity and well-being of these hardworking journalists hang in the balance, as they continue to wait for the pay they rightfully deserve.



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